Phelps Fan


Backward Incline

These clean air handling designs are most commonly associated with the non overloading horsepower characteristic. Typically, large volumes of air at low to moderate pressures at high efficiencies are its trademark. Additionally, the horsepower curve has a peak value for any given speed, thereby allowing motor selection to prevent an over load condition given gas density remains constant. All models available in SWSI or DWDI and in standard AMCA arrangements.

Include: (FD) combustion air on kilns and furnaces, baghouse induced draft, aeration, ventilation and industrial air conditioning.

Wheel Diameters from 27″ to 110″
Air Volumes up to 700,000 CFM
Static Pressures up to 45″ W.G.
Horsepower Requirements up to 2,000 HP
Temperatures to 1300° F
Maximum Efficiency to 82%